Workout of the Day – Sept. 14th

5 sets:
3-5 Strict C2B Pull-ups
1 Wall Walks
3-5 Wall Facing HSPU

*all for quality. Rest as needed in between sets.
*use bands or work on negatives as necessary.

Wodapalooza Qualifer 2022 Throwback:
On a 20 min running clock, completes the following:
1 Set Of Max Unbroken Toes To Bar or Knee Raises

2,000m Row For Time:

1RM Snatch

*At the start of the clock, the athlete will start with workout 2, a single unbroken set of toes to bar or hanging toe raises.
*As soon as the athlete releases their hands from the pull up bar, or touches the ground, their workout is over. The athlete must then rest until the 2 minute mark, where they will then begin with workout 3, the 2,000 m row time trial. Staging on the rower before workout 3 begins is allowed, however hands must stay off the handles until the 2:00 mark. At the conclusion of workout 3, the athlete will begin workout 4, which is establishing a 1 rep-max snatch, any style until the 20min window ends.
Only one barbell may be used for the snatch. The barbell must be empty prior to the start of the workout; athletes cannot add weight until workout 4 begins. Athletes may add or remove weight between attempts. Athletes may receive assistance with weight changes. An attempt is defined by the barbell leaving the ground. If an attempt is initiated before the 20 min mark, the athlete may complete the lift but may not reattempt if the lift is missed.

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