Workout of the Day – Dec. 3rd


‘Paint and Wod!” Come train and paint a special wooden object of your choice during Miami Art Week + Art Basel! Friends and family welcome! Class 9, 10, 11: Normal Schedule - WORKOUT OF THE [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 30th


- STRICT GYMNASTICS - 4 sets: :20 sec L-Sit Hold 12-15 Strict Hanging Knee Raises 10 V-ups *L-Sits can be done on pull-up bar or parallettes. - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - Herowod: “Holbrook” 10 [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 29th


- STRENGTH - Barbell Romanian Deadlifts 4 x 10 @ ascending load each set *:40 sec Low Plank Hold after each set. *Do not touch the floor on these. Just to about below the knee. [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 28th


- STRENGTH - Squat / Unilateral 5 sets: 5 Paused Back Squat @ ascending load each set 10 Double DB Bulgarian Split Squats *5 reps per leg. Use heavy DBs. *2 sec pause at the [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 26th


Class times are 9AM and 10AM only! No Sunday Open Gym due to holiday weekend! - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - “Black Friday; CrossFit Benchmark Post Thanksgiving Workout In Teams of 2: For Time: (with [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 25th


Happy thanksgiving weekend! Class times are 9 AM and 10AM only! - STRENGTH - Barbell Z-Press 4 x 3 @ increasing load each set. *Perform 10 Supinated GrIp Barbell Bent Over Rows after each set [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 24th


Happy Thanksgiving! Class times are 9AM and 10AM only!   - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - Annual Thanksgiving Day Wod: “Thanksgiving with the Girls” Complete each girl visit in any order! 50 min Cap! For [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 23rd


- STRICT GYMNASTICS - 5 sets: 8-10 Strict Pull-ups 4-5 Weighted Straight Bar Dips *use thin bands as needed to achieve full range of motion. *reduce reps if you need to.   - WORKOUT OF [...]

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