Workout of the Day – Nov. 30th


- STRENGTH - 1RM Clean - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - Every 4 minutes x 4 rounds: Complete the following: 18/21 Cal Row 15 Box Jumps In Remaining Time Max Power Cleans *No rest b/n [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 29th


- STRENGTH - 1RM Back Squat - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - 4 Rounds For Time 40 Double Unders 12 DB Thrusters 9 DB Renegade Rows (1,1,2,2) Fitness: 15/25 Performance: 35/50 Elite: 50/70

Workout of the Day – Nov. 27th


- WORKOUT OF THE DAY - In teams of 2: 25 min AMRAP: Partner A Performs AMRAP: 5 Push-ups 10 Sandbag Air Squat 15 Sandbag Walking Lunges (repeat AMRAP until Partner B returns) Partner B [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 26th


OPEN GYM FORMAT from 10A-1PM, we will be closed all other times today please refer to mindbody for schedule information Optional workout to perform at your leisure: “Black Friday Benchmark WOD” For Time (with a [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 25th


Happy Thanksgiving! We will be hosting classes at 9A, 10A and 11AM - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - “Thanksgiving with the Girls” For Time: "Angie's" House 20 Pull-Ups 20 Push-Ups 20 Sit-Ups 20 Air Squats [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 24th


- CONDITIONING - For time: 600m run 1000m row - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - CrossFit Benchmark: "Ghost" 6 Rounds for Total Reps in 23 minutes 1 minute of Rowing (for calories) 1 minute of [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 23rd


- STRENGTH + METCON - Part A) Snatch Waves For 20 minutes EMOM Athletes will attempt a snatch and ascend in weight for a “snatch Wave” Goal is Build to heavy single. Min1-5: Goal is [...]

Workout of the Day – Nov. 19th


- STRENGTH ACCESSORY - Bent Over Rows W/ Reverse Lunges 4 sets of 10 each - WORKOUT OF THE DAY - 18 Min AMRAP *adding 2 reps to each movement each round 4,4,4....6,6,6 etc,,, 2 [...]

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