Workout Of The Day-May 27th


Warmup 4min Amrap 6 Up n Downs 6 Air Squats 6 Shoulder Taps (1,1-2,2) 6 Catcher’s Hold w/OH Reaches Core Workout 6 MIN AMRAP 10 Flutter kicks 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Plank Hip Taps 10 [...]

Workout Of The Day-26th


Warm Up 3 Rounds Intervals 20/10 Inchworms Plank Push Ups Shoulder Taps Downward Dog Hols Strength: Prone Towel Presses with tempo. (5 sec positive,5 sec negative) 5 sets of 5 reps Workout Of The Day [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 25th


Warm Up 3 rounds Intervals 20/10 Jumping Jacks Lunges Plank Holds Air Squats Strength: Goblet Squats with Tempo. (3 secs at the bottom) 5 sets of 8 reps Workout Of The Day 7 Rounds for [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 24th


Core Workout 3 rounds Intervals 40secs on/20 off Right Side Plank Hold Left Side Plank Hold Low Side Plank Hold Superman Hold Workout Of The Day 5 Rounds For Time 40 Double Unders/Jumping Jacks 21 [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 23rd


Core Workout 7 MIN AMRAP Ascending by 2. Starting with 4 reps Sit Up Posterior Plank Bike Crunches Flutter Kickers Supermans Workout Of The Day 18 Min AMRAP 12 Ground To Overhead with Odd Object [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 22nd


Warm Up 3 rounds 20 secs on/10 secs off Down & Ups Hamstring Dives Plank Reaches Low Plank Hold Strength: Deadlifts of any variation 4 sets of 8 as heavy and possible for you. Workout [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 21st


Warm Up 3 Rounds 20 Shoulder Taps 20 Arm Circles (10 Forwards ,10 Backwards) 20 Sumo Down & Ups 20 Odd Object Strict Press Strength: Bent Over Fly with Odd Object 4 sets of 8 [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 20th


“Wods Sin Fronteras” Warmup 4min AMRAP 20 Butt Kickers 8 Lunges w/twist 10 Plank reaches 8 Air Squats Core WOD 5 min AMRAP 10 Plank hip taps 10 Supermanes 10 High Plank knees to elbow [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 19th


Warm Up Intervals 20secs on /10 off Inchworms with Push Up High Plank Hold Cobra Hold Low Plank Hold Crab Reaches Strength: Elevated Shoulder Taps Superset with Push Up 4 sets of 20 each movement [...]

Workout Of The Day-May 18th


Warm Up 4 min AMRAP 20 High Knees 20 Butt Kickers 8 Lunges with twist 8 World Greatest Stretch Then Buy Out 30 Air Squats Strength: Step up with odd object (reverse lunge-step up-knee tuck) [...]

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