Workout of the Day – June 22nd

“Allan Morrow”

with a partner

1 mile Run (200 M Relay style alternating, partner tag in and out )
8 Burpee Muscle-Ups
19 Jumping Lunges
94 Partner BF Sit up with Med Ball (partners face one another and perform rep with med ball and pass to partner; each sit up counts as a rep)

*Burpee MU and Jumping Lunges are partition as needed, one partner working one partner resting

Behind the workout:
Allan Morrow was the family member of DTSC Owner and OUT Foundation Vice President, Jessica Bergman; so today’s pride workout is especially important for our DTSC Family and broader LGBTQ Community.


This workout is dedicated to Allan Morrow who was the first Board President of the Stonewall Foundation and he was on the Board of GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis). He was 53 when he passed from complications arising from AIDS.⁠ His obituary in the New York Times was published on January 4, 1994.

He was a supporter of many causes, among them the fight against anti-Semitism and efforts favoring AIDS research and opposing homophobia. He also supported charities aiding early childhood education and was a benefactor of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. ⁠

He attended the University of Pennsylvania and New York University. He was on the board of the Burden Center for the Aging, the Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association, and the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. ⁠

The Allan Morrow Vision Award is offered every year for Board Excellence, it is designed to recognize an organization that shows how the board’s collective efforts can increase the effectiveness of their mission⁠.

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