Beach Workout – June 25th

Join us for our Annual Beach Workout + BBQ!
10AM Crandon Park North Beach Entrance + Shelter 10
Gym will be CLOSED today!

Workout of the Day
(teams 6-8 ppl each approx. as needed)
BUY IN: Team Sprint to Water with Bucket of Sand; Dump at Shore line, Run back with Bucket of Water; Dump (each team member 2x) …(50 M )
Then, advance to stations:
Station 1:
150 Joint Arm Synchro Air Squats All team members
Station 2:
150 Man on Fire Burpees: Team must Split into Duos with one partner working at a time and perform 150 Man on Fire Burpees per pair, once all duos complete then entire team may move on.
Station 3:
Alligator Elbow Plank Walk: All Team members (150 Meters Marked by Cones) Once whole team crosses final cone Advance to:
Station 4:
Team goes back into their Duos and Wheel Barrow Walk to the shore line. Swim to Coach point roughly 100 Meters) and Swim back then advance to Buy out!
BUY OUT: Once all team members arrive back at starting shore they must lunge from Shore line to final Cone roughly 50 Meters to finish line!

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