WOD-August 10th

Warm Up
Coaches Warm Up

Two Parts (with a Partner)
Part A: “The Break Up” – EMOM for As Long As Possible:
1st minute: 1 Push Press (125/85 lb) + 1 Burpee
2nd minute: 2 Push Presses (125/85 lb) + 2 Burpees
3rd minute: 3 Push Presses (125/85 lb) + 3 Burpees
5 minutes Rest
Part B: “The Make Up” – 6 Rounds (alternating) for Time of:
5 Squat Cleans (125/85 lb)
10 Pull-Ups
200 meter Row
One partner completes a round while the other performs a plank Hold or L sit Hold on Parellete or Rig
Complete part A together, rest exactly 5 minutes, then start Part B together. Score each part separately.

For Part A, each minute on the minute (EMOM) both partners attempt the sequence of Push Press and Burpees (“Death By” style), adding one rep per movement per minute…until one partner is unable to complete a round. Score is the lower of the two partners’ number of rounds and reps completed.

For Part B, partners alternate rounds (eg. one does a round while other attempts a max duration plank or L-sit Hold then rest).

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